• Desktop only
  • Local file storage


  • Web and mobile access
  • Always backed up

  • Web and mobile access
  • Always backed up
  • Prioritized support

Our Services

The Calculist desktop app is free for both personal and professional use.

The web app is a paid service that we offer for those who want the convenience and functionality of the web.


Q: Can I try out the app before I sign up?
A: Absolutely! Click here to try out a sample document.

Q: Does the desktop app sync with the web app?
A: No. Currently, the two apps are entirely separate. The desktop app saves data locally as plain text files on your hard drive. The web app saves data remotely as structured data in a cloud database. However, data can be manually transferred with a simple copy-and-paste.

Q: Is there a mobile app?
A: Calculist is accessible and usable through mobile web browsers. So there is no need to download anything from any app store.

Q: Does the web app have an API?
A: Not yet, but we plan to build one soon.

Q: Can I self-host the web app?
A: Technically, yes. The codebase is open-source, so anyone can host their own instance. However, the codebase is currently not optimized for self-hosting, so it is not recommended unless you have significant software development experience.