"You can't do much carpentry with your bare hands and you can't do much thinking with your bare brain." 
- Bo Dahlbom

Problem solving requires, among other things,

  • mental models
  • working memory
  • attentional control
  • computational ability

Calculist augments these cognitive resources. Calculist is a thinking tool for problem solvers. Made for students, teachers, scientists, mathematicians, programmers, and anyone who seeks to use their mind more effectively.

More specifically, Calculist combines the functionality of outliner apps such as Workflowy or Emacs Org Mode with the computational abilities of apps like Microsoft Excel or Jupyter Notebooks. The result is a powerful notebook for collecting, organizing, and processing information.

Calculist is 100% open source (MIT license). It exists as a desktop app and a web app. The desktop app is free to download, and the web app is free to join (or download).

Calculist is built by Dan Allison. You can support Dan’s work on Calculist through Patreon.